10 Reasons You Should Write Every Day

Why a writing routine matters so much

Frank McKinley
3 min readJan 5, 2022


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Want to be a great writer? A daily writing habit is the fastest way to become one.

Is it essential that you write every day? You don’t have to. But if you do, the ten benefits below will be yours in abundance!

You get better sooner.

When I was in high school, I played basketball every afternoon. I would take shot after shot. I could usually hit the basket regularly from any new spot in the driveway in a day or two.

After dinner, I wrote until bedtime. Most days I wrote to deal with my teenage angst and sort out my emotions. I believe it saved my life a few times.

Having a writing ritual gets you going.

Brew some coffee or tea. Drink water if you prefer. Sit in the same place at home or go to the same coffee shop. Write what you’re feeling or set a prompt to write from.

How you set up your ritual doesn’t matter. What matters is that you set an expectation that you will write.

If you think of it as a daily assignment, you’ll do it without thinking about procrastinating.

Writing clarifies and expands your thinking.

Zig Ziglar said any idea that goes unrecorded is lost.

When your thoughts are still in your head, they’re disorganized. Writing them down lets you see them so you can explore the possibilities they present. You can even argue with yourself if you want!

Writing often helps you write faster.

When you first try something, you’re horrible at it.

I didn’t hit the basket the first time I threw the basketball. I took hundreds of shots. The more I practiced, the easier it became to put the ball through the net from anywhere on the court.

When you write every day, you’ll be able to express yourself with ease, no matter the assignment.

A routine saves you time.

When I was in Toastmasters, we had to give an impromptu speech at every meeting.



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