3 Ways Over-Editing is Killing Your Writing

How you can stop the madness right now

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No Time Limit

Goals without deadlines are wishes.

If you spend too much time on one thing, other things won’t get done. So set a time limit. Give yourself an hour to write your draft, an hour to edit, and an hour for feedback (if you want it). Then let it go.

There’s nothing magical about having each part be an hour. It will take longer in the beginning, but as you get more experience the process will move faster.

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Time Killers

If you edit each sentence as you write it, your writing will take ten times longer than if you just write an uninterrupted draft and edit it later.

  • Filling in the information gaps
  • Cutting out what doesn’t add power to your message

You’re not saying anything new

It’s tempting to repeat the master’s wisdom.

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Fear of Publishing

You might ruffle some feathers.

A Caveat Before We Go

I’m not saying you shouldn’t edit.

Don’t make perfection your goal.

Focus on this instead:

  • Possibility — take away the blocks that keep people from succeeding
  • Usability — provide steps they can take right away

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