5 Powerful Lessons My Dog Taught Me About Writing

Simple ways you can become your readers’ best friend

Photo by Frank McKinley

Delilah the four-legged teacher

As writers, we’re always looking for illustrations.

Treat your readers like your best friends.

Every day when I open the door, Delilah runs to it to greet me.

Photo by Frank McKinley

Get excited about what interests your readers.

Delilah gets excited whenever she sees us. I can talk to her about whatever I want and she’ll never judge me.

Pay attention to what your readers are doing.

Delilah knows when I open the front door.

Photo by Frank McKinley

Assume the best.

When Delilah sits down next to me at the table, she expects me to give her something.

Show up consistently.

Delilah never misses a meal.

Applying the lessons

Think about how you can become your reader’s best friend.

  • Expect the best. When you sit down to write, dig deep and share something awesome. You won’t always hit it out of the park, but you’ll definitely take better swings with that attitude.
  • Show up because you love the work, not because it’s an obligation. If it starts feeling like a chore, rekindle the spark that got you writing in the first place.
  • Find some other writers to get excited about. The journey is more fun when you’re not traveling alone.

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