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Learn the difference between style and voice — and use them both

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Sometimes people confuse style with voice when it comes to writing. Are they the same? Or are they different? Does it matter?

First, let’s look at what each term really means.


Style is the way you do something. It’s often governed by rules and expectations. …

How Pastor Dan loved lavishly in the midst of teenage angst

Today I joined friends to remember a man we all loved, admired, and looked up to.

Dan May had three lifelong loves:

  • His family
  • People
  • Jesus

Dan Loved His Family

The first five rows on the right side of the sanctuary today were Dan’s family. Children. Spouses. Grandchildren. Great grandchildren.

I knew 4 of…

Speaking too fast is easier to fix than you may think

Photo by newswatch on Pixabay

Your speaking rate is a habit. It usually reflects your personality. People who think visually tend to talk faster than those who are auditory or kinesthetic thinkers. Does this describe you?

Another reason we talk fast is we’re nervous. When we need to say something important and just want to…

Frank McKinley

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