An Analogy for Budding Writers

The mindset that will help you go pro

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The Dream Begins

3 or so years ago, my brother-in-law noticed some commotion going on at the house next to his.

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Building the Dream

The next year my wife spent countless hours turning the dream house into reality.

And Now, the Analogy

While we were building our dream home, we continued to live in the trailer.

  • You’ll need a blueprint so you know what you must do to build the house you want. The same principle applies to building your career. When you have a clear target to hit, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to accomplish.
  • Having a clear target will give you the stamina to do whatever it takes to make your dream of a better future your present reality.
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Will it be easy?


Facing a challenge is fun when you have a chance to learn something. Then the satisfaction of making it through will empower you to take on greater challenges.

So yes, much of the time it will be fun.

When you need help, ask.

We didn’t do everything. We hired others to frame the house, install the flooring, do the plumbing, the electrical work, the sheetrock and the insulation. It was a team effort with a single purpose.

You’ll need a network of other writers who are committed to sharpening each other as they grow. Some will help you along when you’re in over your head. Thank them. And be sure to pay it forward to someone who isn’t as far down the road as you.

No writer is an island.

Don’t stop for anything.

Sometimes you’ll get so tired you wonder why you ever got into the writing business.

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Breaks aren’t sinful. You’re not a machine. Even your car has to stop for gas after so many miles. Your smartphone battery needs recharging.

So do your creative senses.

Write your own blueprint.

There are a thousand ways to run a business.

  • What type of writing will I do and how quickly?
  • What will I charge to make it worth my time and effort?
  • How will I find clients who need and want what I offer?
  • What plan do I have to prospect, pitch, and sell?
  • What will my work schedule be?

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