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How morning pages changed my life as a writer

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An idea whose time has come…again

It’s not a new idea, not really. People have been spilling their secrets into diaries for generations. And in polite society, we’re encouraged not to air our dirty laundry. Just pretend you’ve got it all together and people will leave you alone, and maybe even sing your praises.

It’s free therapy

I’m not saying you should substitute this for visits to a therapist if you have complicated issues to unravel.

It’s hard to sit on a secret. Writing it out will let off the pressure. Your private pages give you a platform to spew all the venom, feel all the emotions, and work through the pain while it’s still raw.

You can do this with a friend if you have one you can trust completely. This is the kind of thing that might need to stay in Vegas if you know what I mean.

Write that ridiculous first draft.

Anne Lamott says writing happens in three stages.

Everything has a time limit. Your first draft. Your second. Your third. Just do the best you can in a reasonable amount of time.


The ultimate practice run

I hate running.

As creatives, we need our daydreams.

My best work happens when I let an idea marinate first. It happens on walks. On paper, it looks like a rambling rant. If I’m feeling artsy, it can even be a drawing.

Morning pages are cleansing

Have you ever felt like your mind was full?

When you’re free to focus, you’ll be a better writer.

There’s honestly no better way to start every morning.

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