Chas, I knew there had to more like us.

Schools could do so much more. Whether they do or not, we have a responsibility as artists to bring the change to the culture that only our art can create.

Maybe schools are responding the fear we all feel when we try to do something remarkable.

“Better not do that. What will people say?”

“Your work really isn’t that good. Don’t go thinking you’ve got something.”

“You can’t make money doing that, so why try? It’s a great hobby, though.”

And these are just the things our friends and family tell us. Sure, they just want to protect us. But if we tell them we want to be doctors and lawyers, incredulity turns to hope.

Do it anyway. The world needs your art. The $80,000 paper is optional. But if you have it, you may as well make it pay you back.

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Teacher. Coach. Bestselling Author. Helping writers, entrepreneurs, and change agents write the perfect blog post every time.

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