How Distractions Kill Your Creativity

And how to break the hold they have over you

What distracts you?
What distracts you?
Photo by Charlz Gutiérrez De Piñeres on Unsplash

But I can’t work 24/7.

Seth Godin says when he reduced his checks of the Internet from 50 to 5 times a day, his productivity tripled.

Distractions are seductive.

Good guilt.

Guilt comes from everywhere. It can kill you if you let it. It’ll dry up your creativity in the name of responsibility. And it’ll shame you for burying your talent for the sake of respectability.

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Image for post
Photo by Pawan Sharma on Unsplash

Embrace the fear that never goes away.

Lion Tamers win because they know lions have a limited ability to focus. That why they stick a chair with four legs in their face. The lion gets confused trying to decide which leg to stare at. While it figures it out, the lion tamer leads the docile lion wherever she wants.

The Truth

What will you do today?

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