How to Make Your Writing Worth Reading in 2021 and Beyond

Three simple tips that earn you the right to be heard

Frank McKinley
5 min readJan 4, 2021


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What scares you most about writing?

I just found an article that listed 15 different fears writers experience. Chances are you’ve felt more than one of these. Here they are:

  • No talent for writing
  • Not believing you’re really a writer
  • Looking like a fool in print
  • Having nothing to say
  • No life experience
  • Feeling the system is rigged (and you can’t win)
  • Having your writing rejected by editors, readers, and even your friends
  • Failing to live up to your own sky high standards
  • Watching others have more success than you
  • Selling out to the mainstream
  • Writing about the wrong thing
  • Not finding the time to write
  • Worrying you’ll never make enough money

Having one fear is bad enough. But if several of these have gripped you, you may have wanted to give up writing altogether.

These fears really all have one thing in common. It’s the belief that your writing isn’t worth reading. And as long as you believe that, it won’t be.

Is there any hope at all?

Belief makes all the difference in how you perform.

When I learned to ride a bike, my parents put training wheels on it. After I got comfortable riding, they took the training wheels away. My dad walked behind me for a while, then let go.

When I discovered I was pedaling without his steadying hand, my excitement knew no bounds.

Did I scrape my knees along the way? Yes, and I have the scars to prove it. But I can still ride a bike today because I earned the ability to do it.

If you struggle with writing something that’s worth reading, you can learn to do it better. You can earn the…



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