How to Spread Your Ideas Like Wildfire

The secret to getting more attention

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We skim and scan because we’ve cluttered our lives with too much junk.

It’s a Herculean challenge to be seen and heard by the Masses. Or even by your friends.

Three Hurdles That Keep Your Ideas Hidden

You’re doing it yourself.

We’re all on a budget.

The trouble is the more you repeat something people don’t care about, the more your words taste like spam.

Why not add a little more spice next time? Or maybe you need to serve a better dish.

You’re interrupting people.

You don’t want to answer a survey while your eating dinner.

You’re telling the wrong people.

If your best friend is the shyest person around, anything you tell her is a secret.

If you want to stand out, do something different.

Yesterday I left work earlier than usual.

We’re so busy we don’t notice what's ordinary. If it’s not loud or threatening, it doesn’t exist. If it’s not standing in our path, we pass by without a second thought.

This is the idea behind interruption marketing. During a TV show, you have a captive audience. If your commercial is first after a commercial break, you’ve got a shot at being heard. And then you’ll have to arrest us to keep us from going to the bathroom or grabbing a drink from the kitchen.

Take a stand. Make bold assertions. Say something that scares you a little (or a lot). And always make sure it leaves your reader better than you found her.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Tell your ideas to a Gossip.

There’s a chatty person in every group.

If you tell a chatty friend your secret, your ideas can reach more people than you ever could with ads, status updates, or constant pleas to your friends.

Seth Godin calls these people Sneezers. They’re the ones with huge networks. They’re charming. People listen to them.

Think Bigger.

Let’s say you want to attack writer’s block.

You never know if conventional wisdom is wise until you test it. You don’t know if the door of opportunity will open for you until you knock on it. You won’t know if your words will change anyone’s life until you share them.


Ready to Launch?

None of these strategies will cost you much.

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