How to Supercharge Your Writing Time in 4 Easy Steps

And NAIL your deadline every single time

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It doesn’t have to be this way…

What if there was a better way than endless drafts and countless rewrites?

Step One: Hunt and gather ideas

Before we had grocery stores on every corner, we had to hunt if we wanted to grill out for dinner.

Step Two: Narrow your focus

Once you have an idea that grabs you, it’s time to get it ready for market.

  • Data that relates to something your reader feels deeply
  • Detailing the process so readers can apply your insight quickly and easily

Step Three: Write a quick draft

The main reason writing is hard is we’re not prepared well enough.

Step 4: Polish and publish

Thrashing time ended two steps ago. Now you’ll check for typos, awkward sentences, and verbal clutter.

  • Does this idea deserve its own treatment? If so, save it for another piece.

Bonus tip: Divide the steps into separate sessions

You may not always have 3 hours you can work without interruptions.

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