How to Win Friends and Influence People With Your Writing

Do this one thing and your readers will love you forever

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Would you like to have the power to change someone’s life with your words?

You can. All you have to do is one thing.

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That’s what was sorely missing from my own experience that day at school. I was humiliated in public — and no one cared. No one asked how I was doing. No one wanted to be me, or stand with me.

And let me tell you, that sucked the life out of me.

  • Giving people a distraction that makes them laugh for a while
  • Showing them you care and that you’re here to help however you can

Your reader will be healthier.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had to carry a millstone around your neck all the time.

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  • They are usually circular and made in rock quarries.
  • They can weigh anywhere from 2300 to over 10,000 pounds.

People stress over problems. It can give them heart trouble that feels like a 10,000 pound gorilla sitting on your chest.

Do that long enough and you’ll wish you could have surgery — or die.

Set them free and break their chains.

When my psychological chains fell off, I felt like I could float on air. In that moment, as I read Zig’s words, I knew that nothing was impossible for me.

Now I didn’t suddenly think I could do brain surgery or fly an airplane. But I did know that if I wanted to learn to do those things, I could.

The most important thing I learned in that moment is that I mattered. I found that people really did care when I showed them I cared. And I found that I could have all the friends I wanted if I would just be one.

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Help people see a brighter future.

One morning last year I sat down at my computer and heard an awful crushing sound.

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