How to Win the Pursuit of Happiness

Foundation stones for a joyful life

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Happiness can’t be your primary goal.

Wait a minute.

  • Measurable. Numbers are easy to measure. Feelings? Not so much.
  • Attainable. Shoot for the moon if you want. But you’ll need a vehicle to get you there. If you reach too high, you’ll want to give up. That will poison your future efforts.
  • Realistic. You can’t lose 100 pounds in 24 hours. You might be able to do it in a year, though. But only if you really want to.
  • Timely. You’ve heard that a dream without a deadline is a wish. Ever crammed for a test? These are extremes. Make time part of the process and you’ll move forward at the right pace.

The pursuit of happiness is elusive.

Since happiness means something different to everyone, it’s hard to define.

If you don’t define what happiness means for you, then you’ll be like a donkey chasing a dangling carrot. You might get a bite now and then, but the dangler will move it further away so you have to work harder for the next bite.

You can chase happiness by faking it.

Put a smile on your face, regardless of how you feel beforehand, and the happy feeling will come. You’ll have to keep smiling to keep it around, but it can be a spark when you need it.

What makes you happy is…

Something you have to define for yourself.

How to Create Your Own Happiness No Matter What Life Hands You

If you want to be happy, there are a few things you should do to cultivate it.

First, get to know yourself.

Ten years ago, my church paid for every member to take the Strengthsfinder Assessment.

What makes you tick? Can you tell someone in 30 seconds? What drives you to do what you do? Find out and you’ll have your key to happiness.

Explore what fits.

Any personality report is a beginning.

Learn the options for using what you know. Explore them. Test them. Combine elements from your different interests to create a new path.

The people you choose to serve will thank you and sing your praises.

Commit to something wholeheartedly.

When I decided to become a blogger, I never looked back.

When your work reaches readers, they tell you whether it’s good or bad. Love your work all you want. But if readers don’t, you won’t make money.

And you won’t have impact.

Peace of mind is priceless.

You’ve seen the ugly side.

Peace of mind is priceless because it lets you sleep through storms. When you have no inner turmoil inside, you’re able to deal with the crazy stuff going on outside.

When you’re in control of yourself, you’re in control of your emotions. You’ll make better decisions. You’ll do better work.

Happiness comes after a struggle.

Would you fight to be happy?

Trade anger for laughter.

The last time I was annoyed by someone at work, I did an experiment.

Make someone else happy.

The ultimate act of unselfishness is to give happiness away.

When you share your joy, it will come back to you.

It costs nothing but time and a little bit of thoughtfulness.

What are you committed to?

We’re all committed to something.

  • You choose beforehand to be happy about committing to it.
  • And you make that choice every day of your life, hoping happiness will come from your commitment.

What if the commitment is happiness?

When you say someone is “trigger happy,” that means she likes to pull the trigger a lot.

Happiness is both a feeling and a commitment.

It’s the means and the end.

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