How to Write More When You Have Less Time

3 strategies to make the most of every minute you’ve got

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The problem with saying yes

Schedule everything.

Write with the internet off. Or at least turn off those incessant notifications. The world won’t stop spinning while you’re at your desk. The news will still be waiting for you after you draft your masterpiece.

Tell your friends and family what you’re doing.

“Thanks for asking. I’m not able to do that this week. Can we do it later?”

“I’m working on a book. I’ll need 10 or 15 hours a week to do that. I’ll be sure to give you two hours at dinner every night to talk, play games, and do whatever you want. Fair enough?”

Don’t eat breakfast until you’ve written something.

We need your words, your message, and your insights. Don’t let time steal that from us.

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