How to Write When the Words Just Won’t Come

The truth about Writer’s Block — and what you can do right now

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The threat of the empty page

It’s not the page itself that’s the threat. It’s just a symbol. What you’re really afraid of is that your mind is empty.

What’s really behind writer’s block

Fear knocked at the door.
Faith answered.
No one was there.

Name your fears

Writer’s block is a name for something else — at least for most of us — and that thing is FEAR.

Fear of looking foolish in front of the whole world

You’re afraid your fears will come true

Have you ever challenged your fears? You might be surprised at what happens. The threat is terrible when you can’t see clearly. Turn on the light and you’ll see the monster has no clothes.

You give up before your breakthrough

To win the championship, you have to play your best to the very last minute.

Write today, and every day. When fear knocks at the door, you can open it with confidence — because no one will be there.

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