I define good writing as effective writing. That all depends on the context of the piece.

Web copy is effective when it’s written for scanners. Short sentences. Lots of white space. Bold headings.

Literature is different. You need to do what it takes to let a story unfold for the reader. Show her what you want her to see. Engage her imagination through all five senses, using words to show what’s happening. Move the plot along at the speed of the emotions you wish to invoke in the reader.

It’s best to model what works. What is the strategy behind the way the best writers do their work? How can you adapt that to fit your voice?

The best advice I ever got was, “Decide what you want your reader to feel and experience before you write the first word. Then you’ll know exactly what you need to do and how to do it.”

That’s effectiveness at its core.

I hope this answers your question, Markus. If you still have questions, ask me again!

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