I’m a Man, And I Don’t Care Who Wins the Super Bowl

And I don’t feel guilty about it at all

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Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

I say I like college football

I know. Phones are the biggest attention stealers and producing killers in the universe. We should all just throw them in the trash and go back to dipping feathers in ink bottles and write letters to each other.

It reminds me of someone spending 800 pages to write 10 pages worth of substance.

I’m not idealistic about not watching

I kinda like being that guy who didn’t watch the game

A recent survey of 100 men found 74 of them watched the Super Bowl that year. So that makes me one of the one in four that didn’t. So are we so uncommon?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could capture the 16 minutes of actual gameplay and charge a small fee to watch it, without commercials or commentary or any of the stuff that isn’t ball possession and movement?

The commercials are where the money is

Go ahead and watch if you want

I’ll be going to bed early because like every other morning, I’m getting up early to write.

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