I’m struck with what Julia Cameron says in the Artist’s Way:

All too often it is audacity and not talent that moves an artist to center stage.

When I was younger, I thought this about Bruce Springsteen. I told myself, “He’s not that great a singer. How is it that he sells so many records?”

He succeeded because he believed he could rise to the top.

Because he believed, he did the dirty work over and over and over. He took nothing for granted and chose audacity over mere talent to move him into the limelight. Any of us can do this if we choose to.

The problem is that while this is simple, it’s not always easy. That’s what causes many creatives to give up far sooner than they should (which in my view is never).

Don’t judge your whole creative life by one project. If you’re a creative, create. Then share it with the world. Learn to love marketing because that is where the money is. And if that bothers you, just think of it as connecting your work with the people who need to see it and appreciate it.

Thanks for this post, Anna. I love what you’re doing!

Writer. Teacher. Bestselling Author. Shy Kid turned Fear Fighter. I write about communication, business, and personal growth. https://skl.sh/2Xp1p8d

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