Practice Isn’t Perfect

Photo by Carlos Esteves on Unsplash

It was only when I started setting goals that I truly began to understand their power.

Try has gotten a bad reputation

The truth is you can’t do anything without trying. Trying isn’t giving up. Trying is movement. Trying is fed by persistence. So long as you have the will, you’ll keep trying.

Growth isn’t linear

Growth is movement. It needs a destination on the right side of the graph for persistence to survive. You don’t go on vacation to a spot on the road where you get tired of driving. You go to a particular beach, amusement park, or mountain range.

Even grieving is movement

If you’re hurting, please don’t walk that road alone. There are still people who care and want to walk with you. Hire a professional if you need to. Just move, one step at a time.

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