Stop Feeling Guilty That Your Writing Isn’t Perfect

It’s not, and that’s perfectly okay

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Tell yourself you hate it.

Every first draft is crap.

First drafts are raw material. A house doesn’t come in a box. It comes in thousands of pieces made of a variety of materials.

All you have to do is put it together.

Perfect is a lie.

How do you define perfect?

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Quit trying so hard.

Here’s something that’s better than perfect.


Effective is better because you can measure it. It comes from the specific goals you set for yourself.

Your idols are as flawed as you are.

Maybe they just hide it better.

Failure isn’t fatal. It’s an excellent opportunity to grow. Think about it. When you hurt, you resolve never to feel that way for that reason ever again.

Or you give up and hide.

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Edit drunk.

You might think I’m insane for suggesting this.

When people talk about writing drunk, they mean they want to throw off their inhibitions. Polite society has its rules. Some make sense. Some don’t. The idea here is to be free and leave the rough edges in.

Writing drunk is free writing. You lock yourself into your writing space. You turn off every conceivable distraction. Then you write your heart out, uncensored.

If you wonder whether or not you should say something, you probably should.

You know what you shouldn’t say. What you wonder about is the gray stuff. The stuff that scares you. It’s what you want to say, but don’t have the guts for.

People might criticize you.

Welcome to life.

Criticism is part of life. Get used to it. If it’s useful, learn from it. If it’s not, ignore it.

You’re better off spending time figuring out how to make a difference than you are worrying about what others think about you.

Grab your pen and go.

Write before you go to work. Write at lunchtime. Polish your work with the jagged edges still intact.

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