The Incredible Value of A Writer’s First Thoughts

3 reasons they’re your true voice

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But that’s dangerous, isn’t it?

You’ve probably heard lots of writers say that your work sucks until you write it over and over again.

I’m not going to say you shouldn’t edit. I am going to say that when you listen to that advice you’ll probably edit the life out of your words.

I used to do some epic drawings. I’m talking 20–30 hours to do one. That’s a huge time investment.

Your art is special.

Only you can portray your friend on paper the way you do. Only you can capture her smile and draw out her essence.

First thoughts are unfiltered.

When you’re pouring out words in an endless stream of consciousness, your ruthless inner critic will go take a nap.

That’s why you have to work fast. Don’t stop to admire yourself. Don’t get sidetracked with wanting to polish. Just write and let the words fall wherever they may.

I think you’ll find that when you write with abandon, you’ll be a lot happier doing it. You won’t be sitting around wondering if your writing sucks. You’ll be having fun.

Your work will be a ton more interesting.

What happens when we edit?

It’s fun to read stuff that sounds like a letter from a friend. If it’s a really good letter, you might read it twice or maybe even ten times. You might even keep it in your top drawer to inspire you, give you a quick laugh, or allow you a quick mental visit with your friend.

There was a hot dog stand near my work many years ago. The first place offered hot dogs bursting with beefy flavor. Then they’d add some spicy, good-as-homemade chili, and even chopped onions if you wanted some. Then they finish it off with a line of ketchup and mustard.

Don’t serve your readers bland words. Add your personality into them. Give us your brand of spice. Pour your life into your writing and give us something that only you can.

Then you’ll always write stuff that’s worth reading.

Take a risk.

I’ve just told you to be bold and leave a lot of your first thoughts in everything you write.

If you wonder whether or not you should say something, there’s a good chance that’s exactly what you should say.

If you know you shouldn’t, don’t.

Now Go Explore Your Own First Thoughts

This week try to write a blog post in 20 minutes.

I think you’ll be amazed at what you can write when you turn your censor off. Don’t worry, you can invite the censor back when it’s time to edit.

Just don’t let him overstay his welcome.

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