The Real Cost of Opportunity

It’s higher than you ever imagined

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I told his widow, “I wish I had talked with him more.”

She assured me, “We can talk about him.”

The Window of Opportunity isn’t always open

I won’t be able to talk to Brent anymore this side of Heaven.

The market opens windows for you to climb through, too. But there’s no guarantee the season will last forever. Things change. To keep up, you’ve got to stay awake.

Wait too long and the window not only closes, it disappears.

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Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

There’s no time like now

I’ve got countless ideas.

I’m learning as I go, not before I go.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t prepare at all. Learn enough to start. Get the gist of what you’re about to do.

Accept a messy start.

Perfectionism is the biggest opportunity killer in the universe.

Take that risk. If you fail, so what? You’ll learn something. Your friends will forget and start thinking about themselves again. And tomorrow will be a new day, full of new promise.

Nobody thinks about all the shots Michael Jordan missed. And they probably don’t think about the fact that he shot baskets every day, all year round.

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