Three Ways Writers Can Get Noticed Without Being Annoying

Season your words and actions with grace

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Grace is something we all want, isn’t it?

When you’re in trouble, grace means someone else paid to get you out.

In sports, grace means you move with fluid precision and your work becomes art.

To a stranger in a new place, grace moves some to offer their hand in friendship.

When writers show (and share) grace, strangers become friends, followers, and fans.

Let’s look at 3 ways to do that.


We want to be our reader’s favorite.

There are countless choices. The internet is swollen with blog posts, videos, social media posts, and stories. How do you stand out without becoming just another whisper?

Whatever you write about, someone else has, too.

Your catchy title? There are books, webinars, and courses to teach you how to write one. And you’ll need one if you hope to take the first step with readers.

Your great insight? That’s your best bet once your title has invited a reader in. But even that isn’t enough if you don’t…

Treat your reader like a friend. Wouldn’t you rather read something a friend wrote?

Strangers only get our attention when they serve our needs. Help someone get what they want and the door to friendship will open.

Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash


We want to connect like friends do. And we want them to come back and spend time with us.

You do that by talking about what they’re interested in. Don’t know what that is? Go talk to some readers. Visit their social media groups. Have sidebar conversations. Read what they read. Watch what they watch.

Then take notes.

What you learn will teach you what to say — and how to say it.

Our best friends are the ones who make us feel great when they’re around. We’re interested in them because they’re interested in us.

If you want lessons on friendship, learn from dogs. They shower you with affection just for breathing and showing up. And you don’t have to tell them stories or do them favors. Just feed them, love them, and shelter them — and they’ll be loyal forever.

Feed readers words that make their lives brighter. Love them by showing up when they need you. Shelter them by steering them away from ideas that can hurt them.

When they see you care, they’ll consider you a friend — and look forward to what you write next.


If you write often enough, and are honest enough, someone will criticize you.

Take a stand and someone will try to knock you down.

In our hyper-connected world, we hide behind internet walls and say whatever comes to mind. Why? Because we won’t be there when the writer gets cut by our verbal sword.

Thinking first applies in person or on paper. And the more thought we invest, the better our writing becomes.

And the fewer regrets we have.

Shouting matches aren’t conversation. If you want to talk with someone you disagree with, you have to control your emotions. You’ll still have them. And you may have to step back and cool them before you say a word. But once your head is cool, and you know exactly what you’re saying, respond.

If you offend someone, do it to move them to a better place. You may still build a barrier between you, but hopefully when their anger cools, they’ll see the light.

If your offense has no good end, withhold it.

Courtesy is treating others the way you want to be treated — with dignity, grace, and respect. It’s the oil that eases the friction of disagreement. And it might just keep you alive when you’re in the lion’s den.

Now Do This

One thing you can do to inject grace into your writing is avoid using the word “I”.

This forces you to focus on the reader. What do you want her to know, see, or think? Talk about yourself long enough and you’ll never have the chance.

We read stories because we see ourselves in them. Make your reader the hero, and they’ll do heroic things.

You make a difference by offering hope. When people have hope, they rest. They move freely. And they experience joy.

Add grace to your writing and instead of counting words, your words will start counting.

Writer. Teacher. Bestselling Author. Shy Kid turned Fear Fighter. I write about communication, business, and personal growth.

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