Two Simple Words Every Successful Person Says Daily

Miss these and your dreams will never come true

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I will.

Imagine you run into a friend you haven’t seen in years. You spend a few minutes chatting and you realize you have an appointment.

Should makes you feel guilty

Your family and friends mean well. They’re just trying to help. But when they offer unsolicited advice, they can make your blood boil.

Guilt can leave us wanting to run or change what we’re doing.

When you run, you tell yourself, “I know I should, but I really don’t want to. What’s on Netflix? I’ll get started after this episode. I think I’ll wait until the morning. Yeah, that’s good. I’ll start fresh then.”

Good intentions are not enough

Good intentions make you feel good. They lead you to say things like:

  • “We need to watch that movie.”
  • “I’d love to get together one weekend.”


Give your plans a time. It’s why you make an appointment to see the doctor, the mechanic, or your best friend. With a firm date, you will do it.

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The will says go

Your will is what moves you to begin.

Telling yourself you should is worthless unless it activates your will.

People succeed because they want to

The executives whose businesses succeeded took regular action.

Activity is great, but don’t confuse it with accomplishment.

Surfing the net is activity. So is watching TV. Or washing the dishes. Or working on a project. Any movement is activity.

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Countdown to Success

Mel Robbins became an international bestselling author when she published The 5 Second Rule.

Perfectionism kills more success than it starts.

Do This Now

What will you jump into today? What will you accomplish before lunch? What will you do before the five o’clock whistle blows?

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