What to Do When You Feel Like an Imposter

How to silence your inner (and outer) critics whenever they attack

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I Didn’t Even Flinch

It’s time to fight back.

When your imposter voice accuses you, act like your own defense attorney. Turn the tables. “Oh yeah? I’m an imposter? What proof do you have?”

Don’t stay quiet just because you have doubts.

If you’ve written for a while, chances are your words have touched people. When someone tells you that your words made a difference, you can rise from the deepest depths of despair.

Find a few friends who will be honest with you.

Constructive feedback is actionable. You can do something with it. And you can do it right now. It can be a small step or it can be a major paradigm shift. Either way, you’re better than you were before when you implement it.

When someone criticizes you, evaluate it objectively.

All art has critics. It’s just part of the game. Consider criticism a disguised compliment. Someone paid enough attention to your work to complain about it.

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