Why You Need a Really Good Friend or Two

Islands are vacation spots, not people

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You don’t know how long you have in this life. So if you want to do something, can you really afford to wait until tomorrow?

I remember hiring a young girl to work in my store. This was probably her first job. She didn’t have work skills, but she was eager to learn. I made it my goal to teach her what she needed to know so she could work unsupervised.

Be men-tentional

If the word “mententional” confuses you, it’s a mashup of “men” and “intentional.”

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Friendship and love go hand in hand

I’m a word nerd. I love the way they sound, what they mean, and the pictures they can paint.

  • Affection
  • Adoration
  • Devotion

The fire of conflict is the ultimate test of love and friendship.

Friends with benefits

Acquaintances may count as friends, but you won’t tell them your darkest secrets.

You can’t see how to get the elephant off your chest when he’s pressing down on you with all his weight.

Friends aren’t just ears for trouble. They’ll listen to your dreams and get excited for you. They won’t think you’re crazy. They’ll help you see why you’re supremely qualified.

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We talked for two hours

We had 30 years to catch up on.

Life is messy, and nobody’s perfect.

But life’s mess is infinitely easier to handle with a good friend or two.

Be intentional

Tomorrow never comes.

Your friends won’t call you. So call them. Set a date. Make it once a month or once a week.

The frequency is up to you.

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