Write From Your Pain

How exposing yourself can change the world

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Third Period, Day One

Mr. Ford’s voice struck me like a deafening thunder clap. I looked up into his cold, dark eyes. His gaze seemed to penetrate all the way into my soul and say, “If you ever talk in my class again, you’re finished.”

No one cares about you, kid. You’re a nuisance. No one wants to hear your voice. You’ve got nothing to say, so don’t even try. Just sit there, be quiet, and don’t rock the boat — ever. Then everything will be fine.

Here’s What Hurt Worse

Nobody was brave enough to be made an example of that day, or any day as far as I can recall. Nobody came to me after class and asked if I was okay. Nobody even looked my way. It’s as if I was invisible and didn’t matter at all.

12 Years Later, the Assignment That Changed Everything

What? I do matter? I’m not just junk wrapped in flesh? I can make a difference? I’m no accident? Get out of here! Really?

Why You Should Share Your Pain — and What Stands in the Way

Write from your pain. Tell us how you felt. Teach us what you learned and how it shaped who you are today. Help us find hope that we’re not alone in our struggles. And if you’ve been able to move past the heartache, tell us how you did it.

Here’s the Win

When you dig deep into your life, you’ll tap a writer inside that has something to share that no one else in the world does. Your perspective and experience are the ingredients that make you authentic. Are you willing to be honest and lay it all out there?

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