Yes, Failure IS an Option

4 repeatable steps that lead to ultimate success

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What does failure really mean?

How success and failure look to you depends on your emotional paintbrush.

Instead of just having an achievement mindset, why not see yourself as a scientist?

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Edison’s relentless pursuit of the perfect light bulb

Stir people emotionally.

We all want to think we’re logical creatures. And we are. But it’s not logic that moves us. We go to the gym because we want to feel healthy. We want to impress our friends. And we want the good feeling that better health will give us.

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Become a passionate experimenter.

The point is exploring is a good thing to do. That’s what experimenting is all about. When you were a kid, you weren’t afraid to experiment. You tested the limits of everything. How long do I have to cry before Mom picks me up? How big a tantrum do I have to throw to get the big colorful ball in that basket?

See your steps as learning experiences, not just emotional experiences.

If Thomas Edison had seen all his experiments as emotional experiences, we might still be using candles to light our homes.

While I didn’t see it at the moment, I realized that I was universalizing my pain into blindness. I hurt, so everything was bad. All the doors were closed. Nothing fit.

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Keep looking forward.

Concentrate on moving forward. Most paths don’t follow a straight line, especially when you’re blazing a new one.

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